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Before using the press for the first time and through its working life,  it is extremely important that the thread is well greased with proper, thick grease. Place a dollop on the thread and wind up and down until it is evenly distributed.


From time to time the base of the thread will benefit from greasing and this can be done by loosening the nut on the side of the thread.

Before Use & Maintenance

The press has 4 holes in the base of the frame under the bottom board which can be used to screw it down in a permanent position if preferred.

Fixing Down

If you need to register your print for multiple colours, one way is to stick down 2 pieces of card in a right angle where your lino will butt up to. Then draw a right angle diagonally in line with the card where you want the corner of your paper to be each time you print.


To achieve the best results with this press, you will need some form of packing either with a press blanket, newspaper or some other type of padding. This helps to spread out the pressure producing an even print.


We do have flannel blankets which are cut to the size of the press bed. Further details of these can be found on the ordering page